25 count cup of Calciworms

25 count cup of Calciworms


Calciworms Hermeia illucens

Calciworms, the larval stage of the Black Solider Fly, have been described as a near "perfect" food for your hungry critter. Some pet keepers have even described Calciworms as a "miracle" food because of claims of reversing metabolic bone disease. So, you might be wondering, does the reputation of Calciworms live up to the hype? The answer is yes and if you read on you will know why.

Calciworms - A Superior Critter Food
Because calciworms have a soft body they are easier to digest than mealworms which have a hard exoskeleton. These soft bodies worms are super high in calcium. How high in calcium? Calciworms have 30 to 60 times more calcium than other commonly available feeder insects. Calciworms make an excellent food choice for tree frogs, salamanders, geckos, and many other critters.

Another benefit to calciworms is that they are very high in phosphorous. Phosphorous is a key structural component in the backbone of DNA and RNA. All living organisms need phosphorous to build DNA and RNA to transmit genetic information and synthesize proteins. In addition to having a perfect balance of calcium and phosphorus allowing use as a staple food, Calci Worms provide high levels of natural lauric acid. Lauric acid is known for its excellent antimicrobial properties including activity against lipid coated viruses, clostridium and pathogenic protozoa including coccidia.

Keeping Calciworms Healthy
CalciWorms do not require refrigeration and are best kept at room temperature for up to three weeks. Feeding CalciWorms is not necessary and if kept in the right conditions CalciWorms will stay hearty for weeks. Hopefully by that time your hungry critters will have devoured all of them by then.

Calciworm Nutritional Values
Protein: 17.3%
Fat: 8.39%
Calcium (ppm): 11,460
Phosphorous (ppm): 3489
Moisture: 62.21%

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