500 count cup large mealworms

500 count cup large mealworms



Mealworms Tenebrio molitor

Our 500 cup of large mealworms are the perfect size for adult critters such as Jackson's Chameleons, Marine toads, African Fat Tailed geckos and much more. They are conveniently packed in a large plastic cup with tiny holes in the top lid to allow for air to circulate. Additionally, the large mealworms are packed in mealworm bedding to keep them comfortable.

Storing Your Mealworms
Once your live mealworms arrive they can be placed in your refrigerator which will not kill them. In order for your mealworms to last for several months you will need to take the of the refrigerator once per week for several hours to allow them to feed. If you are looking to keep your mealworms as healthy and comfortable as possible, we have two products that you might be interested in, Mealworm Bedding, and Easy Water. Our mealworm bedding keeps your mealworms snug, cozy, and fully fed before feeding them to your critter. And Easy Water makes hydrating your mealworms and no ness or hassle project.

Live Mealworm Nutritional Values
Protein: 20%
Fat: 13%
Fiber: 2%
Water: 62%

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