500 Crickets

500 Crickets




Munch, munch, munch...what is that sound? It's the sound of your pet critter chowing down on our nutritious crickets. What critters eat crickets? Where do we even begin! From little Green Anole lizards to Tarantulas, crickets are the staple of the critter food world. And if you dust your crickets with calcium and a multivitamin, you make a nutritious food item a superior nutritious food item.

Superior Breeding Facilities = Superior Crickets
So what makes Expressbugs.com crickets so superior? It's all about high standards and quality control at the state of the art growing facility to ensure that your crickets are delivered to you healthy and active. In fact, we are so confident about the quality of the crickets that we sell that we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Keeping Those Crickets Hopping and Healthy
After your crickets arrive you might be wondering, how do I keep them all alive so my critters can eat every juicy morsel of cricket goodness? For starters, please keep them away from deadly chemicals and avoid temperature extremes of heat or cold. The next step is to provide your crickets with what every living thing needs, food and water. It's pretty awesome that Expressbugs.com carries two products to make it super simple to keep your crickets happy and healthy before they get munched to death by your pet critters. The first product is called Easy Water which is a very convenient and non-messy way of watering your critters. The second product is Cricket Power Food which is a great everyday cricket meal which does a fantastic job of gut loading the crickets prior to feeding them to your critters.

Choosing the Right Sized Cricket for your Critters
Pinhead, prewing, 1/2 inch, adult size - which size cricket should I choose? Let's take the mystery out of ordering which size crickets you need to order with this handy bit of advice: Choose a cricket that's smaller in width than the animal's mouth. It's generally better to order a cricket size a little smaller then you need because it's far easier for your critter to eat several smaller crickets then crickets that are too big for your critters to wrap it's mouth around!

Questions? We’ll be more than glad to help you.