Fruit Fly Jar

Fruit Fly Jar


Fruit Flies Drosophila melanogaster

They're small, annoying, and usually stowaway on a piece of fruit you bought at the store. What are we talking about? Fruit flies! However, despite their being so annoying to us humans, they can be a staple diet to many small critters. In fact, if you breed and take care of Poison Dart frogs, Mantellas, or other tiny frogs like African Reed frogs, our fruit fly jars will feed many a hunger little critter. In fact, our fuit fly jar is like the gift that keeps giving because each culture will continue to produce new flies for up to five weeks. Each culture is shipped with approximately 50 to 100 adult flies so you can start feeding your hungry critter immediately.

The Advantages of Flightless Fruit Flies fruit flies are entirely flightless, which means they will not swarm around your home if a few flies escape your pets enclosure. To feed your pet simply take the top off the culture jar and shake a few flies out and watch your pet start scooping them up. The fruit flies in these culture jars are Drosophilia melanogaster which is generally known as the common fruit fly or vinegar fly. Smaller then Drosophilia hydei, Drosophilia melanogaster is ideally suited to very small reptiles, amphibians and aquatic pets.

Caring for your Fruit Fly Culture
You will happy to know that the fruit fly jar requires little to no maintenance. The jar's lid is specially designed to allow air to flow inside while also keeping the fruit flies trapped inside the jar. As already stated above, the fuit fly jar will continue to produce new flies for up to 5 weeks However, please keep a few things in mind when it come to temperature. If the temperature is too high where you are storing your fruit flies, bad things can happen. Under hot and stuffy conditions, bacteria will start to grow which can cause the entire fruit fly culture to collapse rapidly. On the other hand, if the fruit flies are kept under colder conditions, their production will slow down dramatically. Aim for room temperatures between 68°F to 78°F to ensure maximum culture health and longevity.

If you really want to ramp up your fruit fly culture production to pro level then please check out our culture kits available here.

Fruit Fly Nutritional Values
Protein: 19.7%
Fat: 13.8%
Ash: 1.7%
Moisture: 59.6%
Other: 5.2%

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