Mealworm Bedding 2lb

Mealworm Bedding 2lb



If you are going to start raising your own mealworms, then you know how important a good well balanced diet is. Now you can feed your mealworms with ease with our 2 pound bag of Mealworm Bedding. Made from 100% all natural wheat middlings (also known as millfeed, wheat mill run, or wheat midds), this premium product makes for a complete and balanced mealworm diet. Do you need more than a 2 lb bag of mealworm bedding? Then please try our 4 lb bag by clicking here.

Usage Instructions
Use a metal or plastic bin that is at least three to four inches deep. As a good rule of thumb is to use two parts mealworm bedding to one part mealworms. The container with mealworms and mealworm bedding can now be placed in your refrigerator until you need to feed your pets. Try to keep the refrigerator temperature between 48° to 50° for best results. Store Mealworm Bedding in a cool, dry place prior to opening and refrigerate after opening to avoid spoilage.

PLEASE NOTE: Mealworm bedding ships UPS overnight delivery only. Mealworm bedding can be shipped by itself; however, to save on the shipping cost we recommend ordering it with live crickets or any other live feeder insect.

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